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Just another day out on the town in downtown Saint Paul with a couple of cool kids AJ and Patty.

Apparently, Patty once told AJ back in the dating days that there were only 3 reasons to make the trek to St Paul – those reasons did not include him.  Luckily as time went by, AJ became one of those few reasons to make the journey. Thus, to commemorate all the magic that St. Paul has to offer, we hit up all the spots that make it so. 

Starting with Cossetta’s restaurant, AJ and Patty loaded up on sugar for their light-hearted jaunt through downtown Saint Paul. To the Xcel center onward all the way to Harriet Island Park where we had the entire area to ourselves. As the day got chilly, we settled in at Bad Weather Brewery for some fire time and drinks to celebrate an adventure session well done. 

Earl and I absolutely connected with their light-hearted playfulness and positive vibes resonating throughout the entire day! We are so glad we get to hang out during the wedding next year and continue to document their lives.

Cheers to them both.

being playful downtown saint paul engagement
downtown saint paul engagement
portrait downtown saint paul engagement
harriet island downtown saint paul engagement
sun flare downtown saint paul engagement

Tell us your story! How did you meet? Who asked who out?

AJ and I used to work together. He was a Service Desk Senior who trained me in. We chatted often and became friends. We mainly bonded over our love of dogs (Especially corgis). After I left the company, we continued to be good friends and stay in touch. A few years after, we happened to both be at the same concert (Astronautalis) and he told me he liked me. A few weeks later we had our first date at Cosetta’s in Saint Paul. Since then, we moved in together, went to Jamaica, adopted a cat, and are now buying a house. We can’t wait to see what the future brings next!

How did the proposal go?

AJ bought an animal tag and attached it to the cat’s collar. Catsby doesn’t normally wear a collar, so I immediately noticed the collar when I got home from work. The only time he normally wears a collar is if he escapes. I immediately panicked and AJ said, “I think he got a new tag, you should see it”. It read “Will you marry my daddy?”. After that, tears were shed, there was a lot of “YES!”.

Downtown Saint Paul Engagement | Patty and AJ

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