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In any good adventure, you have to include your dog. So if you’re wandering, yes, you can and should bring your dog to Pedernales falls.

Our adventure went as followed:

When Earl and I got married a million years ago…or 11, we were living in Austin Texas and hoping for a warm February that can sometimes happen in Texas. However, it was cold and rainy obviously. Well, luck would have it that during our journey in the south for the winter this year, we got to have a warm and beautiful anniversary.

So, the day before our anniversary we sat in our 16ft scamp trailer and decided to impromptu take advantage of the upcoming gorgeous day. We took a chance and with short notice scheduled our time slot with the Texas park system for the afternoon.

Since Howie, AKA Little Brown dog, is a key part in our family we knew she had to come a long on the adventure. However, we knew there would be some challenges to bring her. For one, it made it a bit difficult to setup a tripod and timer while making sure our doggo didn’t cause a ruckus; but so many other dogs that were there were following their own social distancing that she did great!

The stairs were a little much for her but I had made Earl promise that if there was any difficult terrain or stairs, he would have to carry her. (She’s 12) and as promised he scooped her up like a calf and carried her up the stairs when she got tired. This is why I married him.

So after we took around the sites by the falls area, we hiked around the Hackenburg trail which was good for Howie, although a little rougher than her normal paved and preferred path. Then, by the end of the day, the sun had started to set and people started to leave thus giving us the park to ourselves so we went back to the falls area.

We took the opportunity to grab a few photos to commemorate our anniversary. We were even able to practice our new self- taught ballet moves and hope for the best. While I really had wanted to focus on the water element of Pedernales falls, because of Howie we had to stay on level and dry surfaces. By chance; however, the shadows and light placement and texture of the rocks ended up looking like the ocean! Just goes to show you that things usually work out when you leave the expectations out of it. It also reminded me why I absolutely LOVE Texas and photographing couples here when we get the chance. The amazing scenery is limitless! And the added benefit of being able to bring your dog to Pedernales falls and other amazing trails is a definite bonus.

Side note: For those who are in the market of how to include their fur-baby in their engagement photos at cool parks such as Pedernales falls, check out this guide: How to include your dog in engagement photos

So, over all, our impromptu adventure was a success. I cant believe we’ve been together for 19 years. Yikes! We are so lucky to still like each-other even after spending all of our time together. Cheers to us both and many more adventures to come.

Bring your dog to Pedernales falls
Resting after a good hike
Bring your dog to Pedernales falls
Howie and Humans go for a walk
Bring your dog to Pedernales falls
Howie is too cool for us
Bring your dog to Pedernales falls
Earl and I being silly
Bring your dog to Pedernales falls
Howie does a photo-bomb
Family photo time!

Bring your dog to Pedernales falls

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