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Everyone has their opinions, but we love wedding day first looks before the ceremony. Here are our top 3 reasons for a first look.

First off, traditional weddings would have you walk down the isle in front of your family and friends having been unseen the entire day and every one sees you make an entrance. This includes your fiance about to be spouse.

While the shock and awe value is nice, the concept of not seeing your fiance before the wedding is super traditional and most of our couples aren’t.

For one reason we tend to insist that couples toss this tradition is simply because our couples getting married really are marrying their best friend. Thus, the idea of waiting all day on your wedding day to see your favorite person seems silly to us. It’s such a big event in your life, why not share every piece of the day with your significant other? If you coordinate a first look before the ceremony, then you are no longer trying to “hide” from one another throughout the day and can just enjoy everything together.

This is the biggest reason we love when couples decide they want to have a first look in a non-traditonal way. However, there are a few logistical reasons as well. So here are the top 3 reasons for a first look.

  1. To be with each-other longer
    As mentioned, once you have had the grand reveal to one another, then you can be with each-other and spend most of the day together instead of apart. This is a big win for us whose love language is quality time.
  2. Family formals can be done ahead of time
    This is such a smart choice in the timeline of a wedding! Being able to knock out the daunting, yet necessary, family formals as early as possible leaves the rest of the day to party. (For help with family photo lists check out How to create a family photo list.)
  3. Can express yourself better
    The idea of being emotionally overwhelmed is scary to most of our couples. Being put on the spot in front of everyone while you are having a genuine surge of emotions isn’t right for everyone. Thus, you can set a private first look and be more free with your tears, and emotions that you might be otherwise with too many eyes on you.

Another great piece of advice if you choose have a first look is to read each-other letters or your vows.
This creates a more intimate setting instead of in front of your entire wedding to express yourself. Even for the most extroverted types, this idea is super romantic and special.

Everyone has a vision for their wedding day and if you have always envisioned holding out seeing one another until walking down the isle, then that’s awesome! This is just another option for you.

Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look
Top 3 reasons for a first look

Top 3 reasons for a first look

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