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Now the term Minneapolis wedding is more of a collective of the Twin cities and beyond, including the North Shore and destination locations but you get the idea.

Once the shock and aw wear off that you’re getting married, along comes the realization that someone has to plan this major life event and that person will probably be you, give or take the help of a wedding planner or day of coordinator. 

Most couples go through the thought of big wedding vs small wedding vs elopement at some point during the process, but ultimately most couples get married right in the state they live in or in the state they are from and all of their family resides.

Whether you are in the category of: Born, raised, and stayed in Minnesota, OR you live elsewhere but are getting married in the great North Star state, here is some info that will assure you that a Minneapolis wedding is going to be awesome-sauce!

a great place for a wedding!


Maybe you’re a teacher and Summer is the best option or maybe you like the idea of creating a wonderful celebration in the long winter months of the north. Really put in some thought of when you’re wanting to get married and what time of year you will be celebrating your anniversary every year.

-less busy time of year, cozy and romantic, off season vendor discounts

-Weather unpredictable, harder for guests to travel farther, shorter days, less outdoor photo opportunities, must find the right venue to allow guests ability to meander /entertain guests 

-Warmer days, blooming flowers make for gorgeous backgrounds

-Can be wet or rainy

-People are often free to travel during summer, super long days, ample sunshine time, more honeymoon options

-Mosquitos! Have a bug plan, can be hot outside so you must plan wardrobe accordingly

-Everyone in Minnesota loves fall, gorgeous colors, less bugs, cooler weather, 
-Shorter days, colder weather, less venue options 

Any season

Which season?

The magic of Minneapolis is that the options are plentiful when it comes to planning a wedding. You can literally opt for an industrial ballroom with a city view or get married outside near a lake under the glorious colors of fall. Want to get married at a barn with some llamas? Great! What about living out your nerdy dream of getting married at the Renaissance fair grounds? Do it! You can decide between a winter themed wonderland wedding or classic summer celebration. Just like your extended family, all of the seasons and opportunities live in Minnesota!





This will really help narrow down the venue search if you know for sure what you want out of the ceremony and reception. 
-Keep in mind who and how many you are inviting. If you have a large guests count make sure there is plenty of space inside for them to roam and socialize. 
*Make sure your venue has a bad weather plan in place if you’re hoping for an outside ceremony

-All weather friendly
-All seasons work 

-Capacity limit
-Harder for photographers to move around 

-Natural decoration 
-Great light for photographers 
-More space for guests 

-Can feel more formal by design

Think about what type of vibe or theme you’re wanting and how to merge that with who, how many, what type of guests you’re inviting. 

Indoor Ceremony

Outdoor Ceremony


Indoor Vs Outdoor Ceremony