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Only the coolest couples opt to get married in a realm of world exploration and decide to have a Science Museum wedding.

Kalie and Andy land on the introverted side and have specific interest such as reptiles, snakes, YouTube, gaming, and most importantly each other.

These two met back in high-school and haven’t stopped being friends since. When they were planning their wedding, they wanted to emphasize their likes and life and made the experience their own.

They chose to have their ceremony and reception at the Minnesota Science Museum in St. Paul.

The fact that you can get married here is amazing! If you’ve never been, do yourself a favor and hop on over. It is filled with musical stairs, larger than life exhibits, dinosaurs, and interactive games.

The day started with Earl and I stopping by the couples house where we were able to get some first looks with Kalie and her snakes. They were obviously very excited as you can see in the photos below.

Once we got to the museum, the final touches were done and the events began. Kalie shared her first look with dad, then down the musical stairs to see Andy.

We wandered around the dinosaurs and such before heading up to the amazing balcony with fantastic views to start the ceremony.

The ceremony was short and sweet and onto the reception where the couple opted to play trivia instead of a dances.

So happy for these two high-school sweethearts and their unique wedding. Cheers to them both!

Thanks to the vendors!

Photography- PennyPhotographics

Venue- Science Museum of Minnesota

Caterer/Hosting company- Hire a Host

Last year we were lucky to shoot at another original wedding venue, the Fillmore! Check it out with Misty and Nate’s wedding.

Science Museum wedding

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