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-I was named Penny after the Beatles song Penny Lane
-I've been into photography since middle school 
-I love adventures and trying new things!
-Traveling the world with my husband is my favorite thing 
-I fear that a whale might accidentally swallow me if I got too close

-Sky Diving
-Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain (Rome)
-Drink the Bath waters of Bath (England)
-Feed a giraffe 
-Marry my highschool sweetheart

5 Fun Facts:

5 Bucket List Items Complete

5 Bucket List Items Remaining:

-Visit every continent 
-Zip Line
-Go Whale Watching
-Hot Air Balloon

My Husband Earl

-My husband and I met in highschool and just kept dating so in February we will have been together 16 years
-We go married on a Tuesday since I wanted to keep the same anniversary date 
-We found out that each of us had a similar childhood photo of us dressed like cowboys/girls on a horse
-We've been to Cancun 5 times 
-Our favorite pass time is to annoy each other 

5 Fun Facts:

-Neville is the Yellow dog. She is the oldest and has the ability to stare into your soul
-Tucker is the black dog (Middle child) and he is the only male
-Howie is the brown dog and baby even though she has the white beard so people think she's the oldest. 
-They are all the most adorable mutts you will ever meet!
-They all have nicknames inlcuding: little brown, Gus Gus, and Nevers

5 Fun Facts:

My Fur Babies

Me and the hubs