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So what is an elopement? 
An elopement is, essentially, a wedding day for just you and your partner and maybe a witness or two.

-If you were to have a “guest list” it would probably fit on one hand. 
-Maybe it’s just the two of you, the officiant and me and Earl as your witnesses (We sign our names really well)

-The location can be a place that has meaning to you and your significant other.
-It can take place somewhere that is epic and romantic  or simple and nostalgic as your backyard. 

Honestly, an elopement can be whatever you want it to be when referring to making a ceremony day all about you and your partner and having a memorable adventure where you end up married without the fuss of a big traditional wedding.


How to elope in Texas

Top  places to elope near Central Texas

Where to elope in Central Texas?

Elopement vs. Microweddings vs. Minimonies


Elopement vs. Microweddings vs. Minimonies

It’s a wedding but small! 
With a tiny guest count, a microwedding usually is planned and has many elements a typical wedding is planned but is but to a much smaller degree, usually averaging about 50 guests that are immediate family and close friends only. 
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Minimonies+Sequal Weddings

The 2020 pandemic has coined these two new terms in the wedding industry. For those couples who had every intention to have a traditional size and feel of a wedding but had to adjust due to COVID, they are having Minimonies to commit to one another now among parents or a handful of friends and opting for their larger wedding later when it’s safe and more reasonable to do so also now referred to as their sequel wedding. 
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Sequal Weddings

Scenery and Views
Ask yourself these questions:
-Do you have a favorite type of scenery that inspires you?
-What view do you want to be looking at when you say your vows?
Ask yourself these questions:
-Do you have a specific time of year that you want to get married?
-Is there a specific date that is meaningful to you?
-Do you two have a favorite season?
-Do you two prefer warm weather? Cold weather? How do you feel about wind, rain, snow, etc.?

Ask yourself these questions:
-How accessible do you want the location to be?
-Do you two like to hike? Or would you prefer an elopement spot that doesn’t require hiking at all, but still has great views?
Ask yourself these questions:
-How private do you want your location to be?
-Would you be comfortable getting married at a more popular overlook or do you want to have no one else around?
-If a few other hikers were around would that be okay?
-Do you want to be immersed in scenery?
-Would you be willing to get up for sunrise to have a place all to yourself?

Ask yourself these questions:
-Do you two have a place that already means something special to you?
-Is there a spot that you two have always talked about or dreamt of going together?

Ask yourself these questions:
-Besides saying your vows, what other activities do you imagine doing on the day you get married?
-How long are you planning to make your trip when you go to elope? Is it combined with a honeymoon?

Ask yourself these questions:
-Are you bringing other people along to your elopement or is it just you two?
-If you’re bringing guests, how many?
-Do any of your guests have accessibility or health needs to consider when finding the right spot?
-Is your whole elopement experience going to be with your guests or will part of it just be the two of you?

Where to elope in Central-Texas?

Top places to elope outdoors near Central texas

Top place to elope central texas

-Rockport beach (Near Galveston)
-Perdenales Falls state park
-Hamilton pool
-Enchanted Rock
Beyond Central Texas: 
-Big Bend National park
-Monahans sandhills state park

-You will need to apply for a marriage license with the county office that handles licensing and this does vary from one county to another. There are also certain documents you'll need to bring with you.
The license is valid for 90 days afterwards  and Texas requires a wait of 72 hours before preforming the ceremony. It's suggested to obtain your license a month before the ceremony.

-An application for a Texas marriage license can be obtained using this state government website. Click on the county where you wedding will be held; that will direct you to specific information. You can get a marriage license in Texas by visiting a county clerk's office in any Texas county. You can apply in a different Texas county from where you will be married, but you'll have to return the completed license to the same county where you applied after your ceremony. 

How to elope in Central Texas?

Marriage license 

permits & fees

-If you plan to use a public space for your ceremony, you most likely are required to have a permit. Do your research on your location and make sure your paperwork is in order!
-Those who want to get married at a wedding venue such as a state park or historic building may need to follow special regulations and get a permit for the event, and special permits may also be required for serving alcohol. It generally takes time to apply for a permit, so make sure you plan accordingly, especially for popular venues. If you’re opting for indoor elopement venue, make sure to book the date and pay all of the proper fees.

City, state and national parks have more traffic on the weekends.
This means that Monday-Thursday elopements can give you more privacy and freedom to use different areas without disturbing the park’s other guests.


A licensed or ordained minister or priest, a rabbi, or other religious officer authorized to conduct wedding ceremonies
An active or retired federal or Texas state or county judge or justice of the peace

Texas: Witnesses are not required by Texas law. So that means your guest list can be even shorter if wanted!

Obtain a marriage license 

Officiant & Witnesses







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