Sometimes life isn’t about the trail you are on, but who is on the trail with you: Heather and Matt are the type of people you can lose track of time with.  Their lives of adventure have given them so many stories. They have been to such interesting places all over the world. When we […]

Paige, Adam, and Wrigley, family fur-ever: Adam and Paige, who currently live in Washington, DC, were born and raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Their adventure began while Paige was attending college in Eau Claire about 8 years ago.  Years later they welcomed an adorable Boston Terrier fur-baby in their lives.  In fact, it was Wrigley […]

All Adventures should have Fun People, Amazing Sunsets, and Animal Crackers! Ben and Shari’s adventure started by paying homage to Minneapolis, which meant spending a lovely evening at the Guthrie.   As soon as we arrived, it was easy to see that the self described “quirky” couple’s playfulness was out in full force.  Laughter and […]

So Sully is the sweet faced dog in these adorable photos. It’s really hard for an cute dog NOT to steal the show on a wedidng day, but come on! This little goober stole my heart. However, even sweeter than Sully’s little face was the reaction during the first look when Daniel set eyes on Katie. Seriously! Do […]

From the land of Oregon, this couple and their adorable black lab traveled to get married at the Green Acres barn in Minnesota. Sarah and Ben were both so laid back that this wedding felt like I was just another friend who came to see them say their vows and play with their adorable pup. […]

Friends for a long while, Sandra got an interesting text message from Nick when she was stationed in Germany. The story goes something like Nick asking, “Wanna get married?” and Sandra saying something along the lines of, “hell yeah I do” or at least that’s how I heard the story. Now happily in Colorado, the […]

I was absolutely inlove with the sky last week during Elisabeth and Jason’s engagement adventure. The gorgeous blues and greens at the start was in competition with the magnificant purples at the finish! And to top it all off, was the love and affection shining from Elisabeth and Jason! So much perdiness (Penny made up […]

When you have fur babies, they are sort of a big deal in your life. So, when you are getting married, they often want to be a part of the engagement photos to show off how happy they are for you both. Last Satruday morning, I took a trip to Northfield Minnesota to the Arboretum […]

Well, it’s no secret that I love dogs- so when Hannah and Bryan said they were bringing along guest stars for their photoshoot I said HECK YEAH! It was hilarious! Scout and Bailey are adorable and since dogs are like children it was so fun to watch them acting like little goobers! My favorite shot is the […]

Back in the lovely month of August, I made my way up north to the great lakes. I saw a sign that said only a few miles to go before I made it to Canada and I thought, “Where AM I?!” The place I ended up was the gorgeous North Shore to photograph one of […]






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