A toast to Sara and Joel, may their hearts nor cups never be empty! When you are as big a fan of Minnesota craft beers as Sara and Joel, Maple Island Brewery in Stillwater (one of their favorite brewhouses) was a great place to start an adventure!   A wise man once told me, “One of […]

Timelines: So it’s January and you may be recently engaged, in the middle of heavy wedding planning, or about to get hitched because you are a winter bride bamf. Either way, the day of timeline for your wedding is SUPER important! One of the benefits my brides get when they book me, is my ability […]

I dont know if it was the amazing colors of Minnesota fall, the absolute happiness in Beth’s laugh, or the overall love between these two amazing women, but this wedding was WONDERFUL! Courtney and Beth were married among the red, yellow and orange colors of fall in Silverwood park, Minnesota and the scenery was breathtaking. […]

Kirtley is one of the sweetest brides I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I was so thrilled to work with her and her Mr. Chad on their wedding day. This was the first time a bride has worn her mothers actual wedding dress for the big day and it was absolutley beautiful on […]

Any engagement adventure where the bride, the groom, and the myself get completely drenched in water from playing in the creek is a great day! Where to even start with these two?! They are so obviously happy and care-free that following them around Minnehaha park to document them was super awesome. Bethany and Kevin have […]

Friends for a long while, Sandra got an interesting text message from Nick when she was stationed in Germany. The story goes something like Nick asking, “Wanna get married?” and Sandra saying something along the lines of, “hell yeah I do” or at least that’s how I heard the story. Now happily in Colorado, the […]

Remember when people had to have photos printed and put those littel 4×6 beauties into little pockets of an old school photo album? When you took it out, you’d look at each photograph and say, “and this is from” or “and this is when…” Well I’m going to describe this wonderful wedding old school style. […]

Yep. Erin and Chris were the classic goofballs in love. They were naturally full of playful spirit and cuddles. What I noticed the most, was that Chris was a bit quiet and introverted throughout our stroll around the park however, when he was focussed on Erin and started kissing her and making her laugh, he […]

Well, it’s no secret that I love dogs- so when Hannah and Bryan said they were bringing along guest stars for their photoshoot I said HECK YEAH! It was hilarious! Scout and Bailey are adorable and since dogs are like children it was so fun to watch them acting like little goobers! My favorite shot is the […]

Last weekend, the beautiful Mark and Sarah finally tied the knot! As far as first looks go, all brides want their future husbands to look at them the way Mark looked at Sarah for the first time on their wedding day. His face litterally lit up and his jaw dropped. The day was a cold […]






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