All Adventures should have Fun People, Amazing Sunsets, and Animal Crackers! Ben and Shari’s adventure started by paying homage to Minneapolis, which meant spending a lovely evening at the Guthrie.   As soon as we arrived, it was easy to see that the self described “quirky” couple’s playfulness was out in full force.  Laughter and […]

So Sully is the sweet faced dog in these adorable photos. It’s really hard for an cute dog NOT to steal the show on a wedidng day, but come on! This little goober stole my heart. However, even sweeter than Sully’s little face was the reaction during the first look when Daniel set eyes on Katie. Seriously! Do […]

With smiles and tears from family and friends, Bryana and Walter got married. These two are so cute and adorable to eachother you cant help but smile. So go ahead and check out their story and feel all the smiles 🙂 //   Photos by: PennyPhotographics Venues: Church Riverdale Church, Reception Radisson of Roseville Caterer: […]

Any engagement adventure where the bride, the groom, and the myself get completely drenched in water from playing in the creek is a great day! Where to even start with these two?! They are so obviously happy and care-free that following them around Minnehaha park to document them was super awesome. Bethany and Kevin have […]

I cant get enough of these two adorable love birds! When a couple is just relaxed and in love I feel like I could just photograph them forever 🙂 Emma and Blake were married at the Station in White Bear Lake in between rain storms and sunshine, the couple wondered around the town and I […]

Ofcourse you need a little bit of rain on your wedding day. Luckily, the rain subsided right in time for the park ceremony that Holly and Will had planned for their special day. Litteraly the sun came out as soon as they were pronounced man and wife. I’m so happy that they were able to […]

When I arrived at the Edinburgh venue and saw that Hannah’s dress was pink, I was instantly giddy! Her dress was custom made and since her gown was pink, her darling bridesmaids dresses were white. It was as if little elegant fairies were wandering around the golf course. When I talked to mother of the […]

I was absolutely inlove with the sky last week during Elisabeth and Jason’s engagement adventure. The gorgeous blues and greens at the start was in competition with the magnificant purples at the finish! And to top it all off, was the love and affection shining from Elisabeth and Jason! So much perdiness (Penny made up […]






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