The wedding of Kevin and the fiery-haired firefighter started off with the couple anxiously getting ready for their big day! Bethany’s mother and sister helped her into her gown and we all watched in awe as she turned into one of the most stunning brides we had ever seen! Kevin was off to a more […]

Erin and Chris’s big day had arrived! From a morning full of preparation to the sparkler send off, this day was action packed with love and happiness.  Erin’s day started at the Doubletree Hotel where she and those closest to her got ready, while the groomsmen gathered to greet the gleeful groom at his apartment […]

All Adventures should have Fun People, Amazing Sunsets, and Animal Crackers! Ben and Shari’s adventure started by paying homage to Minneapolis, which meant spending a lovely evening at the Guthrie.   As soon as we arrived, it was easy to see that the self described “quirky” couple’s playfulness was out in full force.  Laughter and […]

From Batman Socks to a Special Guest Appearance by Checkers, this wedding had it all! Karen and Ryan are one of those couples that you just instantly get along with due to their happy laughs and their love for pun-filled humor (Which Earl really loves) They are both light hearted and full of energy, all which […]

Miriam goes 2 for 2: picks a fabulous fella and a perfect dress!

I dont know if it was the amazing colors of Minnesota fall, the absolute happiness in Beth’s laugh, or the overall love between these two amazing women, but this wedding was WONDERFUL! Courtney and Beth were married among the red, yellow and orange colors of fall in Silverwood park, Minnesota and the scenery was breathtaking. […]

Well Raina and Neal are just the right amount of everything blended together! They are fun, adorable, romantic, and just the right amount of nerdy! We ran around the U of M campus taking photos of the couple’s old stomping grounds. We wondered into the room of the 3D periodic table where Raina had slipped […]

Sometimes a bride just has one of those smiles that is so amazing and genuine you end up loving every single photo! Hannah and Bryan make each other laugh like no one else which is the best sign of love. It’s no wonder why they have such amazing personalities either- They surround themselves with wonderful […]

The weather was iffy on Matt and Angie’s wedding day. The couple arrived at St Augustine church and nearby a little park is where the couple had thier first glimpse of each other. The nerves went down a bit and the couple loosened up by showing me some of their dance moves. Down the isle […]

When I arrived at the Edinburgh venue and saw that Hannah’s dress was pink, I was instantly giddy! Her dress was custom made and since her gown was pink, her darling bridesmaids dresses were white. It was as if little elegant fairies were wandering around the golf course. When I talked to mother of the […]






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