Karen and Anthony’s Adventure at the Science Museum

An Adventure of Love and Science

Karen and Anthony decided having an adventure at the Science Museum would be a blast, and it did not disappoint.  While there were three levels of exquisite exhibits to look at, they found the lowest level to be Dino-mite!

After spending some time with their Triceratops friend, Karen and her Jurassic posse ganged up on Anthony.  To be fair, she was wearing the dinosaur dress.

Adventure at the Science Musuem Adventure at the Science Musuem Adventure at the Science Musuem

Bench Please:

It was then time to find a bench and reflect on how amazing their wedding was going to be.  Spoiler alert, it was ridiculously awesome and authentic.

We are going to score this adventure a perfect 10/10:

After perfectly sticking the landing, they finished their adventure playing on top of the world!

Karen and Anthony’s smiles and laugher brought so much fun and life to the evening.  It was such a pleasure to be apart of it!

Adventure at the Science Musuem

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