Bethany and Kevin’s Wedding Adventure at 413 on Wacouta

The wedding of Kevin and the fiery-haired firefighter started off with the couple anxiously getting ready for their big day!

Bethany’s mother and sister helped her into her gown and we all watched in awe as she turned into one of the most stunning brides we had ever seen!

Bethany and Kevin Adventure Getting ready Bethany and Kevin Adventure Getting ready

Kevin was off to a more comical route:

After getting an Apple Watch as a groom gift (winning!) there was a struggle to learn how to properly fold a pocket square, only to find out that his coat pocket was sewn shut.

Bethany and Kevin Adventure Apple Watch Groom's gift Bethany and Kevin Adventure Getting ready

Then it was time for Kevin to be awestruck:

Kevin’s reaction to the first glimpse of his wife-to-be was off the chart feels!  That face proves that there is nothing more obvious than his love for Bethany.   After the first look, Bethany donned her real life superhero attire and proved to us all that strength and beauty do play nicely.

Bethany and Kevin Adventure First Look Bethany and Kevin Adventure First Look Bethany and Kevin Adventure First Look
Bethany and Kevin Adventure Firefighter Bethany and Kevin Adventure Firefighter

Now for the big show to get started, grab your seats everyone!

With everyone gathered closely, it was time to make it official.  Kevin and Bethany wine ceremony was the perfect way to symbolize the blending of their friends and family.

Bethany and Kevin Adventure Wine Ceremony

Couple kidnapping time!

After the ceremony we stole the guests of honor, but it’s okay, we returned them in one – well, I guess technically two pieces.

Can I Axe you a question?  Have you ever seen a cake cut like this?

This reception was the gold standard of entertainment!  From epic cake cutting, hilarious speeches, crazy guests, to dancing dancing dancing, this reception was perfect!

Bethany and Kevin Adventure Cake Cut Bethany and Kevin Adventure Cake Cut Axe


Then Earl learned about the benefits of dual memory card back up:

Kevin (a professional with the camera) decided that Earl needed his photo taken.  After much effort, Kevin got to take a few shots of Earl dancing. Earl then deleted the photos on the Canon Mark III 5D so Penny won’t ever know that someone else was holding the camera baby.  What Earl doesn’t realize is that this camera has a dual memory card which means all photos are backed up on the TWO cards… so he was caught red handed…however, Penny already knew about the whole thing because Kevin had told her multiple times that he had. Nice try Earl.

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah (Batman theme), Put a ring on it (Beyonce)?

As we headed to the roof for farewell shots, Kevin serenaded us with a beautiful version of “Single Ladies”.   Seriously, a wedding can’t get better than this!

Bethany and Kevin Adventure 413 on Wacouta Roof Bethany and Kevin Adventure 413 on Wacouta Roof Bethany and Kevin Adventure 413 on Wacouta Roof


I also want to make sure to give love to others that contributed to this wonderful wedding adventure:

  • Toni from 413 on Wacouta. (Venue and Coordinator) Thank you for all your help the day of!
  • Donatelli’s (Catering)  The Italian food was MOLTO BENE!
  • Bread Art (Dessert) Yum!
  • Minneapolis Flower Market (Flowers) What a great place for DIY bouquets.
  • Heime’s Haberdashery (Tux) Kevin was extra dapper!
  • Wedding Shoppe (Dress) I think we found y’all next model … seriously!
  • Photo Booth Creations (Photo Booth) Always fun!
  • DJ Mike (DJ) Great music!  Created a fun environment!
  • Apple (Apple Watch Grooms Gift)  Might be worth getting married again to get one of these!
  • Canon (Thanks for busting Earl with the amazing dual slot memory card backup)

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