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"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough" -Mae West

One of the best quotes is by Mae West which reads,
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” These words are so amazing because she was absolutely right! For me, the “right” way to live is to travel the world and see all of the wonderful places, experience as many opportunities as I can, value moments over products,
 and to do it all with my favorite person at my side.
The lucky fella I call husband is named Earl and we have been together since high-school. Since we’ve had the privilege of growing up together, our passion for life, love, and adventure is the same. The rest of my world is owned by my three adorable dogs and coffee.  Our dogs names are Neville, Tucker and Howie and they all give great life advice plus excellent cuddles. Connecting with other amazing couples to tell their stories in a creative way is my passion and is what my photography is all about.
My name is Penny and I am a local + destination photographer creatively capturing adventures in love. 


My Style 

My photography style is photojournalist meets creative. 
Weddings are full of emotion and moments- once they happen, they can not be recreated. 
So my job as a photojournalist is to capture those moments by understanding raw emotion and anticipating their occurrence. I then add the creativity of angles, vantage points, and other photography concepts to tell your story in a way that is visually as well as
emotionally appealing. 

Wedding Day Portraits -
The way I shoot portraits is my own blend of photojournalism meets editorial. By opening up to my couples, my couples can open up to me and are able to be themselves. Real smiles. Real happiness. Once we get going, you’ll bring out the best in each other and I just add a hint of direction as needed. BOOM! 

Adventure session:
The story of your wedding day is about you and your partner getting married, your family and friends, hugs, drinks, dancing etc. Adventure sessions are a different story. It’s the story of you and your favorite person.
 It is a documentation of how you live your life, the adventures you go on together and what makes you an amazing couple. It’s a great blend of capturing the two of you as well as taking some amazing creative portraits.
An adventure session isn’t labeled as an “engagement session” because the concept is just a bit different. Engagement sessions announce to the world that you are engaged, show off that brand new ring, and let everyone know you’re getting married. An adventure session, on the other hand, proclaims to the world: This is us and this is our love story! These adventures can take place before or after a wedding so you can of course use those amazing photos for your engagement announcement, but ultimately these photos tell a little bit more.

My Philosophy 

I believe we are all sentimental by nature.
We enjoy photographs because they are visual guides to memories, which we use to call upon the great events, funny stories, and significant moments in our lives. Your wedding day will encompass all of these ideas as well as being the start of one of your most epic adventures. It’s important that your photographs highlight those  significant instances, yet also include the small moments you won’t even recognize until afterwards. My responsibility and passion is to deliver your wedding day just as you remembered it.




*Dog cuddler

Together you are always planning for your next adventure and are happy collecting moments in  life instead of objects. 
 Above all, you both agree that your favorite moments are the ones with each other and your favorite adventures are when you’re together. 



*A little quirky

Marrying your best friend is one of the items left on your bucket list and now you get to check it off! 

How awesome is that?!

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and a little quirky.  
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